Can you relate to at least one of the three men above?

Well, I can too. Err.. Not really anymore, more like I used to till I learned the art, yes it's an art, of online dating. Let's face it - it's really hard to be a man on an online dating site - you are competing with hoards of horny guys(some who can literally afford to spend 24 hours a day on dating sites carpet bombing and mass spamming any profile who's sex is 'female'). Numbers are NOT in our favor - Every dating site has atleast 2 men for every woman. Even if you're a decent guy who otherwise doesn't have much problems getting dates in real life, but are trying out online dating(for whatever reason - busy work sched, over the bar scene etc etc), you could really hit a stonewall if you don't know how it's done(most probably because the "Hey Julie, You have a great profile.." you sent her, is extremely boring for her as she's seen it countless times so she'll club with you other boring losers when in reality you might not be). I'll give you a little secret - online dating is really hard for a woman too! But for the opposite reasons - how to identify the right guy from the army of guys messaging her? I have many female friends who are pretty frustrated with online dating because of the lack of quality guys and some have even who've given up online dating after only a couple of weeks because their mailboxes were flooded with 200+ messages and couldn't login and read without thousands of IM windows popping up every second.

Not sure if it's a boon or a bane but it's surely a fact that club game is fast becoming obsolete - people(read:girls) don't go out to actually meet people but just to "hangout with friends" or "dance", and most girls are especially glued to their smartphones all the time, making any possibility of interaction zero.

Then why does online dating exist?

Well, for those who know have figured out how it's done, it can be nothing short of a Goldmine! Whatever your end goal might be - to get into an LTR, get married, break a dry spell or just play the field indefinitely, online dating can provide you some serious rewards. The beauty of the game is that it does not take a lot to figure it out, and once that happens, you can pretty much schedule a date for everyday at the comfort of your armchair.

I have personally gone from getting 0 replies to 100 emails to having phases of 2-4(which is ALOT for a guy) women initiating contact every day! And filling up my week with 10+ dates totally as per my convenience! The secret lies in effective profile creation, picture selection and an evocative initial message. And no, I'm not a particularly goodlooking guy, or very tall and even belong to a minority race(I'm mentioning this only to alleviate fears of guys who are too hung up on race)

Another major thing that most people don't realize is that by using online dating, it is very convenient to find "your kind" of girl or be sought out by her. There are many men and women who are instantly attracted to a particular type, for instance, some women like tall nerdy types or scientists or musicians or hobbyists just like some guys like blonds, petite women. And not to forget, many young guys have a cougar/milf fetish but are clueless about where to meet them. So how do you track down your kind of women? Just use the search feature! One of the guys I helped had a serious fetish for petite girls(>5'1") but would hardly meet them in real life, or they would get intimated as he's a big guy. Like you guessed, online dating solved the problem and now this dude can't thank me enough!

So what am I offering?

How to create an effective profile
How to send an eye-catching initial message
How and when to ask for the number
How to setup a date
And MOST IMPORTANTLY, I will only charge you AFTER setting up a date

Btw, OkCupid is my speciality but my methods work for other sites as well. I will only help you if I truly feel I can, and by the the same note, once I have committed, I'll only take the major portion of my payment upon real success(which is getting a number)

I know a lot of people charge ridiculous amounts($3000, $1500, $400 was the lowest I found in a quick search). Look, I'm not hear to cheat you, fool you or rip you off. I'm not offering any sort of a magic pill or claim that your love life would change overnight and neither do I mince my words. If I can't help you, I'll let you know.

I feel strongly for guys who have everything else going on in their lives but are missing out on women, because I used to be such a guy before. Though I'm still a strong advocate of the old-fashioned game, but it's just not possible for some of us(especially those who don't have night-gaming skills or the time to go out, get numbers, have flakes, and ultimately be left with nothing but frustration). And as a matter of fact, the emergence of online dating has actually reduced the number of women who used to go out at night looking for a guy. A lot of decent guys out there are making 6 figures, dress well, are genuinely good guys(I personally know and have helped many such guys who are scientists, software engineers, lawyers, Phd's, professors) but fail to translate professional success into success with women. And then there are countless lonely women who'll pay a fortune to find a decent guy but fail to do so due to the aforementioned reasons.

This is not my fulltime job so I don't care much about money here, but I also believe that you only value what you've paid for so I'll charge you AFTER I've helped you get success. Initially, you'll have to contact me with your problem and your profile. I'll study and suggest you a course of action, and upon success(getting a number) I'll charge you. I'll only be working with guys I feel I can genuinely help.. and as I said earlier, I'm not into giving false hopes and ripping people off!


I have finally met the woman of my dreams who I'm going to marry soon. Thanks for all the help - without you, it would have been IMPOSSIBLE!


Finally broke my year long dryspell and now I can't believe I can be this good with women! I have more women than I can handle in my life right now. You're a magician for sure!


Wow, the way you re-phrased my profile has pretty much turned me into a rockstar overnight from a lonely loser. I never knew my life skills and personality were so "sellable". Thanks You!


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